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Gravis Ultrasound Demos
Although the Ultrasound was a great peripheral for gaming, it was also very popular amoung electronic musicians. Compared to similarly-priced cards in the early 90's the GUS offered superior sound quality, thanks to its use of wavetable instead of FM synthesis. It also allowed for custom MIDI patch sets to be used, further enhancing its customizability. Because of this, the card was popular with musicians/programmers who were part of the demoscene at the time. A "Demo" is a multimedia presentation that couples music with on-screen animation, all of which is computed in real-time instead of being pre-rendered. Demos are executable files that do not require any additional software. If you don't have an Ultrasound card, you can run these demos on any modern computer using DOSBox with Ultrasound emulation enabled.

Demo files coming soon!

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