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Game Patches
Aces of the Deep - For AotD v1.1.
Comanche: Maximum Overkill
Dune II - Patches the game to work with MILES drivers.
FIFA Soccer
Halloween Harry
IndyCar Racing - v1.02 or above.
Lands of Lore
Master of Magic
Masters of Orion
MechWarrior 2
Metaltech: Earthsiege
PGA Tour Golf 486
Pinball Dreams 2
Seal Team
The Seventh Guest
SimCity Classic - Patches the game to work with MILES drivers.
Terminal Velocity
Ultima 7
Ultima 8: Pagan
Under a Killing Moon
U.S. Navy Fighters
Warcraft - CD version only.
Warcraft - Floppy version only.
Wing Commander Armada
Wolfenstein 3D
X-Com: UFO Defense
X-Wing - Fixes the bug with the targeting computer.
Zone 66

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